August 11, 2006

Searching for Sherlock

221b Baker Street: The address of fictitious detective Sherlock Holmes.

Strange but true: Apparently, the real London address (now the Sherlock Holmes museum) frequently gets letters from people (usually children) looking for Holmes's help in solving crimes. In fact, a man named Guy Kyraicou has been "official secretary to Holmes" since 1994, answering these letters (about 30 to 40 a week) by responding that "Mr. Holmes has retired to Sussex where he spends his time reviewing the records of his cases and keeping bees..." (This according to James Leavey's The London of Sherlock Holmes.)

Sherlock's Secretary
is a film that will explore this bizarre phenomenon, to be directed by "Chicken Little's" Mark Dindal. The romantic action-comedy will tell the saga of a man living at that address who receives one of these letters and decides to tackle the mystery on his own. In doing so, his world becomes suddenly not-so-elementary. -- Amy

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