August 28, 2006

Robin Hood, Ransomed?

Apparently, tapes from the highly anticipated BBC series, Robin Hood, were stolen recently. Actually, I think Robin Hood would have approved, as long as the tapes were forwarded to the poor (people like me who don't subscribe to the pricey cable package that includes BBC America.) I rather like the looks of this series by the way. Robin (played by newcomer Jonas Armstrong) and Maid Marian (Lucy Griffiths) are both young and good-looking. I'm picturing the O.C. meets Sherwood Forest. -- Amy


  1. Do you guys know when this starts?

  2. Well, it was supposed to premiere later this fall, but the "tape heist" is apparently going to hold up the completion of production in Hungary. I guess the date might have to be postponed. -- Amy

  3. What?! Hopefully they get it back, cause I so want to watch that (when it comes to NAmerica)! Or do they have more than one copy? That would be smart.