July 31, 2006

The Full Bronte

Emerging details of the upcoming biopic, Bronte, promise a gritty, realistic portrait of the lives of our favorite literary sisters -- Charlotte, Emily and Anne -- who are played in the film by Michelle Williams, Nathalie Press (as seen in "Bleak House") and Kiwi Emily Barclay, respectively. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays troubled genius brother Branwell. Shooting is slated for October in an as yet-undisclosed Yorkshire setting. (The actual Bronte Parsonage was too small to be used as a location for the film.) Based on their family history, it sounds like we're going to need a stash of Kleenex at the viewing next year. -- Amy

Update: My review of Branwell is here and the book--highly recommended!--is available from Soft Skull Press. (I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers--Gormenghast, Match Point, Elvis--is an excellent casting choice for Branwell. According to IMDB, he'll also be playing Henry VIII in Showtime's The Tudors miniseries, alongside Jeremy Northam and Sam Neill.) --Kim

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