January 15, 2009

Once More With Feeling: East of Eden

Happy news!

Let me start with a story. I loved, loved, LOVED John Steinbeck's East of Eden when I first read it about three years ago. Loved it so much that I immediately rented the film classic with James Dean a la Elia Kazan...which horribly disappointed me. (I guess I'm in the minority on that, but so be it. As adaptations go, it stunk.)

Now comes the fantastic news that the duo behind the incredible John Adams series on HBO are doing their own take on the Steinbeck classic! Can't wait to see who they cast!

Source: Variety


  1. i loved loved loved it too when i first read it as a kid. then i read it again when i was older and was horrified at the racism and sexism.

    have you re-read it subsequently and what did you think?

  2. Yeah, I'm more of the "It was what it was" school of thought, so it didn't much faze me, but you raise a good point. They may have to temper a few things today.