August 9, 2007

Merry Janes

PBS has a cute and clever video promo for their upcoming Jane Austen extravanza. (They like to boast the fact that never before in TV history have all six Austen novels been broadcast as a complete collection.) We'll happily let them gloat.


  1. The "Jane" intro is very cute, and I'm reserving judgment til I see it all, despite the naysaying from across the pond.

    Still, I have a hunch that unless Davies hits a home run with S&S, the Firth/Ehle P&P will be the best part of the entire "complete collection."

  2. I haven't seen the Firth P&P since Kim and I watched a wretchedly snow-and-static-y VHS version of Kim's several years ago...worn out from overuse I daresay. But you're right...even the preview snippets of the new ones aren't fully grabbing me.