July 3, 2007

Attention Bosom Friends

From Sneak Peek TV: In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the original novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery, a film prequel to the Anne of Green Gables series may be in the works.

There's a casting call happening right now on You Tube for 10 to 12-year olds, which apparently means they're going for a newbie. But just in case producers change their mind and decide to hit up Hollywood, who would you suggest should play Anne this time around? (Lindsey L. ....don't even THINK about it. There was a time in your freckle-faced life [oh, the Parent Trap era perhaps] where I might have fathomed it, but no more.) Since they're aiming young, maybe that Abigail Breslin cutie from Little Miss Sunshine.

Meanwhile, check out my friend and fellow blogger Meg's explanation as to why she's more of a Diana than an Anne.

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